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Peyton by Bonnie Sieben ~ ReBornSkinFX

Peyton by Bonnie Sieben

ReBornSkinFX Vinyl

Head for 20-21" Doll Kit
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 Peyton Head~ReBornSkinFX Vinyl

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Peyton by Bonnie Sieben is one of many to be finished in our new signature vinyl called ReBornSkinFX in order to identify the brand new vinyl we are producing in Spain.  We have produced with this factory since 2015 and have shared with them how important it is to the Reborn Artists regarding the color and consistency of the vinyl.  Over the years we worked with them to perfect the formula and Man did they ever get it right!!!  We have sent out our first production to some prototype artists to test and so far they are raving how brilliant it is for both heat set and air dry paints.  Color, texture and consistency is all bang on and to top that off we are pricing them (head and limbs) under 50 dollars so far!!!! We cannot wait to hear your feedback! XO 

This has been a long time coming and we feel that the factory listened to us when we told them what the reborn artists are looking for and they came through with flying colors!!!  We decided to begin a new line that will be beautifully detailed yet affordable for everyone.  We will be offering a variety of limbs beginning with the two shown here.  You may purchase the head on its own, pair it with a cuddle body or match it with limbs.

Prototype was done by Ladonna Briggs of Sweet Potato Pie Nursery

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PLEASE NOTE: You are purchasing an unpainted and unassembled doll kit. This is NOT a finished doll. These unassembled doll parts (head without hair) need to be painted, rooted and put together to complete your own creation.

Photos of completed dolls shown here by various artists are included to show the different artistic interpretations to help you visualize what the doll kit can look like when it’s finished.

All Guarantees are void if the vinyl is heated as we cannot predict what could become defective. The vinyl can crack or bubble which is not the fault of the manufacturer or the inspection process. If you decide to heat your vinyl you must do so at YOUR OWN RISK.

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Details of the kit are as Follow:

  • Full Price Head Only: $29.99
  • Full Price Head and Limbs:  47.99 OR $49.99
  • Size:  19-20 "
  • Head Circ: 14 "
  • Choose your Limbs:  Can be Added
  • Arms: choose between 3/4 and Full
  • Legs: Full Front Loading
  • Eye Size: 18 to 20mm
  • Cloth Body: Can be Added OR Cuddle Body
  • Edition:  Open
  • Vinyl: MacKits (new Spanish light vinyl)


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