Bonnie Leah Sieben

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MacPherson Arts & Crafts

Hello. my full name is Bonnie Leah Sieben. I'm living in Edmonton,  Alberta at this time after living in Toronto,  Ontario for 12 years. 

I have always been interested in dolls but started my art career creating oil paintings specializing in portrait work. 
I started sculpting about 12 years ago but stopped for about 4 years as I did not think I was good enough to do it professionally. 
I spent my free time scouring the internet looking for tutorials that could help me improve. 
Many years ago I tried doing a portrait sculpt of a man using kilm type clay and found I enjoyed the process. So I went in search of different Clays to work with.  I discovered polymer clay at the same time as ooak baby dolls.  From.there I ordered clay and materials and was hooked ever since.
I worked as a nanny for a few years to support myself full time and connected up with the doll world on social media. 
My first kit was Angel  silicone and was  molded and poured by Jennie Lee and was brought to life by Kristie Sohn-Carwithen! She turned out so beautiful and actually broke records world wide for a soft body silicone.  
It was an amazing start for me and I'll always be grateful to both Jennie and Kristie for my amazing debut. 
Most of my kits in vinyl have been produced by Puppen traumland  in Germany. Wonderful company and I'm so glad to be associated with them.
Just in the past, I've started to produce my own kits also starting with Lola. The next one was Shaya and I'm now in the process of releasing my new kit,  Tia.
With silicone , I have for the most part joined with Kristin Englert who I geatly love as a friend and for having similar values as mine.  Our partnership and plan is focused always on the end result of our customers having an art piece that makes them happy.  That is what we find most important in this community. 
I think the doll world is growing and as a result will have good and bad accumulated.  Our job as artists is always to focus on the good and bring it forward . I do my my best to pass on positive messages as good and bad will always be contagious.  I prefer good and for people to feel better in their lives with daily experiences.  So always, I work to improve my work with many others  on my mind. If I find something I'm creating makes me smile, then that is my go ahead to show others hoping it will make them feel better and smile too. 
I believe the doll world of reborns to be an amazing art form which will continue to grow. Yes, we will have poorly done work just like any art form. 
There are enough amazing artists that will carry it forward!! 
I will continue as long as I can. I believe as I'm turning 66 soon, it is time to dye my hair a lovely shade of pastel blue and insist on playing with dolls for the rest of my life here. It is my passion and I cant leave it with any ease involved. 
I have Tia coming up next in vinyl and in silicone, I have a few preemie twins plus a monkey coming up ! 
Thank you so much for the support!