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We at MacPherson Arts & Crafts are continuing to work along with our valued artists in an effort to circumvent knockoffs that serve to undermine the craft and cheapen the quality of kits that customers worldwide have come to depend on.
We stand by our previous decision to continue with the suspension of shipping to China, where most of these knockoffs are originating from, until we are satisfied that the issue has been adequately resolved.

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We have been in the art supply industry for over 45 years.

During the past 12 years the store has had a special focus in Reborn doll making & our roster of sculpting artists contains the best world wide.
Our customers from entry level to professional doll makers continuously push us to bring in what is new & how to improve doll making with the best products.
We believe that this industry is changing & growing quickly.
We take this seriously committing to bring you a great shopping experience, up to date "how to" information, & top quality supplies.
MacPherson's will strive to serve you in an excellent manner because we truly value each & every one of you!!

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