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SAM An Odorless Silicone Solvent ~ 16oz

SAM Odorless Silicone Solvent ~ 16oz

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SAM OSS Odorless Silicone-based Solvent for liquid Silicone Rubber and Silicone Caulking. Great for silicone cleanup. If you can work longer drying times into your silicone painting schedule, use an Odorless, Non-Toxic solvent that’s cheap to ship anywhere in the world.

  • flammable but NOT considered a shipping hazard
  • considered safe to use
  • widely used in cosmetics, personal care products and ‘green’ dry cleaning.
  • will not contribute to ozone depletion or global warming
  • dries slightly slower than water
  • Tip: OSS Odorless Silicone Solvent gives more working time than Smooth-On Novocs. Before painting silicone, a thin coat of OSS will open up the silicone's pores aiding a better paint bond. OSS evaporates into the air as well as soaking into the silicone and helps draw silicone paint into the pores.


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