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KrisC~SiliconeFX~Northern Sea~1oz Paint Set

SiliconeFX Paint by KrisC

Pre-Mixed Color~Northern Sea

Total of 1 oz mixture
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These wonderful pre-mixed colors of Silicone Paints are from the new series of SiliconeFX with KrisC was personally mixed by the amazingly talented Kristie Sohn-Carwithen of The Dainty Loft.

These Paint colors are all her custom mixed colors as used by herself on her own babies

We are now offering these individually due to our customers asking if we can supply each color separately

We have also put this set together in a petite set format for those who want to use all the colors to start..then you can replace your favorite ones with the one ounce sizes as you need. ;-)

The 1 Ounce sizes are being offered separately at this point

Included in Package: 1/2oz Silicone A and 1/2oz Silicone Pigmented B totaling a full 1 oz of mixed Silicone, plus 2 measuring spoons. Label spoons A and B.  DO NOT mix up or cross-contaminate with one another.

Measure equal amounts of A and B with designated spoons into a separate container and mix. Thinner/Solvent can be used and can be diluted enough for an airbrush.

Pot Life is approximately 45 minutes with solvent (20 minutes without) and tack-free is approximately 2 hours.

List of Colors Available are:

Watermelon ~ great for cheeks, lips, fingertips and toes. Use for Mottling. Make more translucent for a soft pinky skin tone. Warm Tone.

Vintage Berry ~ so sweet for capillaries, mottling. Warm based red.

Northern Sea ~ beautiful for veins. Make more translucent for undertones

Strawberry Kisses ~ beautiful for cheeks, lips, fingertips and toes. Use for Mottling. Make more translucent for a soft pinky skin tone. Cool Tone.

Crocus ~ a lovely purple for veins and thinner spots of skin. Make more translucent for thin skin spots.

Flower Box ~ wonderful neutral brown for eyebrows or painted hair.

Wythe Ocre ~ stunning to give warmth. In the Yellow Ochre Family.

Cotton ~ subtle enough for nails. Make more translucent for less of a manicured look.


Translucents or Washes

Sappy Green ~ used to neutralize (see color wheel).

Sticky Caramel ~ used to add warmth or neutralize (see color wheel)

Toasty Warm ~ used to add warmth and depth.


Any Silicone Color can be made more translucent by adding CLEAR Part B to it. To catalyze, add equal amounts of the total with Silicone Part A.

* these are just suggestions. You are the artist. Please explore using these colours in anyplace your heart desires. 


We will add these along with your pre-mixed color/pigment ordered:

Part A to mix EVENLY with colors.

2 tiny measuring spoons


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