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A Complete Beginner Air Dry Kit ~ ReBornFX

Complete Beginners Kit

With Tutorial
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**Please note brushes may vary as some are out of stock and are being switched with the closest replacement.
Materials in Kit are;
              6 sponge wedges

12 pointed cotton swabs

3 craft sticks for mixing

Paint / brush palette

2 large Sponges with holes

Prisma colour pencil

Nylon sock

1 lb glass beads

Aleen’s Glue

1/2 piece of Felt

Brushes Taklon  #1 Liner, #2 Filbert, ½ “Flat ,  RebornFXBrush- Small detail mop.

Paints/Mediums = 8 bottles of 6ml  /   5 bottles of 3ml /  1 bottle of 1/2 once / 5 bottles of 1 once = sizes


Paints & Mediums:

Lt. Vein Blue

DKI Creases


Lip & Nail

Nail Tip

Baby Flesh

Flesh 06

Strawberry Skin

Carmel Skin

S. Berry Blush

Reflective Blue

Warm Wash

Light Creases

6ML Open Time




Shine Remover


Ultra Matte Varnish ~ (Replaced with Matte Velvet)

Gloss Varnish

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