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RebornFX Ultra Matte Varnish ~ 1 OZ

1 oz Size

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please be considerate of others when ordering as we have a limited amount here until mid-October when we will receive a new shipment.  Thank you very much :-) 

Ultra Matte Varnish

This amazing varnish is very matte and silky feeling once dry.

It can be applied onto Air Dry Paints or Heat Set - Genesis as your last finishing coat left to air dry.

It helps protect from light scratches, is archival and UV protect-ant

Easy to apply, just add it to a dense cosmetic sponge and lightly
pounce(hard pouncing may leave bubbles) onto your finished reborn doll. It
goes over air dry acrylics and heat set paints. Ensure your paints are
fully dried/cured before applying. Paint that is still wet underneath can
cause the varnishes to go cloudy. Let air dry for at least 24 to 48 hours
for full protection.


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