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RebornFX Matting Powder ~ 30 ML

RebornFX Matting Powder ~ 30 ML
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The RebornFX Matting Powder has the ability to create a silky Matte finish to your varnishes that are heat set or air dry!!

We send detailed instructions with each jar.

PLEASE NOTE:  we have recently discovered that our Matting Powder works beautifully when added to the Genesis Satin Varnish

These new instructions for the matting of the heat set satin varnish has now been added to the Matting Powder Packages.

Also the instructions for both Air Dry & Heat Set are included with our promotional samples we are sending with eery boxed shipped before Jan 31st

If your doll is too shiny then get our Matting powder to add to your favorite varnish or sealer!!!




Wednesday, 30 January 2019
I love this matting powder! I bought some more after I received a free sample from MacPherson last year. I mix it with my favourite varnish and it leaves a soft matte surface on the doll. I definitely recommend this product.
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