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ReBornFX Dry Skin Medium

Dry Skin Medium

1/2 oz For Dry NewBorn Baby like Skin

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Dry Skin Medium ~ AIR DRY

Many babies have dry, peeling skin after birth, particularly if they’re born
after 40 weeks. Dry skin looks like flaky, rough patches on the baby’s skin
often found around feet and hands. With the RebornFX Dry Skin medium
this can be accomplished on your reborn doll. The Dry Skin medium dries
to a translucent white but you can mix in a small amount of skin colored
acrylic paint if desired. Test your color before applying as this medium is
very hard to remove once dry. Textures can be done by pouncing dry
sponges, stiff bristled brushes or sculpting with a small palette knife to get
the desired effect. Recommend you use only a small amount to start with
and add on more as needed. You will notice this medium is very thick and
will hold peaks, but it can be thinned with distilled water for a smoother
finish. This medium can also be used to create melia around the nose area.

This product can also go over top of the heat set paints


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