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3D Air Dry Medium

1 oz Size
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3D Air Dry Medium

Basic Instructions for using ReBornFX 3D Air Dry Medium

The RebornFX 3D medium is air dry but can be used with both air dry paints and heat set paints.

The medium is very light and soft to maneuver. Dries to a very strong bond with durability on vinyl.

The softness of the 3D medium in it's wet stage enables smooth application but allows a brush to leave hair like marks in the medium when used for 3D hair texture. It's viscosity holds a soft peak making it great for using as newborn milia bumps. Medium dries to the touch within 20 to 30 minutes. Drying time can be reduced by using a low heat hair drier on it.

The ReBornFX 3D medium dries to a semi transparent light ivory flesh color. It adheres to the ReBornFX air Dry Paints and to heat set Genesis paints. This medium can also be painted once dried with either air dry paints or heat set paints.

Washes up with soap and water when wet.

For more information and other ideas on how to use this medium visit

It is recommended that the user practices their hair technique on a test piece before applying it to their painted reborn doll. Once dry it is permanent.




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