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ReBornFX Perfect Sponge Kit

6 Piece Set use with Genesis OR Air Dry

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PLEASE NOTE:  This product is the same as our original DKI brand.  DKI  has now been  RE branded under our new name Reborn FX

We have re-labeled these items in order to compliment our new line of Reborn FX air dry paints. 

Watch for new products under the Reborn FX label as we continue to grow.

The coloured handled sponges (red/pink/blue) have large holes for skin mottling. They are colour coded to allow you to use 3 different skin mottling paint colours. Genesis Paint does not air dry, so there is no need to wash out the paint. Just wrap in tinfoil or place in a glass jar with lid to keep clean. The next sponge in your package is the white sponge with black handle.

This sponge is used to get rid of those nasty edge lines that occur when you apply the skin layers with square shaped cosmetic sponges. just roll or pounce over those lines and watch them disappear. the sponge can be rinsed out with solvent and pat dry on paper towel to prevent paint build up. this is a nice little blending sponge that you can use in many different ways. The handle also makes it easier to grasp and hold. The two remaining sponges in your package are for finer/smaller mottling areas.

The blue and yellow sponges are very hard and dry. You must wet them with solvent until they soften and "puff" out. You will notice the holes in these sponges are small and shallow. Use a very thin consistency of paint when using this sponge. A very, very light touch and pressure is necessary. Heavy pressure will result in a smudged paint effect.

When you have achieved the correct pressure and paint consistency the results are amazing! Apply paint on the sponge with brush to help control paint from filling in the small holes.

This set is wonderful for Genesis as described but it also works beautifully with Air Dry paints! :-)

Please note:  be sure you do not mix the Genesis and the air dry paints on the same sponges

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