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Paraffin Liquid Candle

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Eight-hour pariffin fuel cell for heating up the Awl tool and making nostril holes!
The awl is the very best way to open up your baby dolls nostrils to breath.  But the awl only works if you heat it.  The Liquid Pariffin Wax fuel cell is the safest and easiest way to do that.  you can take it anywhere without creating a safety hazard.  It contains 99.9% pure paraffin oil and burns with nearly smokeless heat
Disposable cells require no maintenance or adjustments. The fuel is classified as not toxic and non-flammable. It is in the same non-flammable category as vegetable oil and is rated non-hazardous. It is safe to use on the tabletop and there are no shipping restrictions, storage limitations, or insurance worries. Burns cleaner than solid wax candles. non-staining. No melted wax mess.


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