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Glass Paint Palette

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Glass Paint Palette
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The 7.5” glass paint palette is perfect for mixing transparent paint and is also ideal for spreading paint into thin layers for the delicate application of any baby feature. Many of Pat's newest paint techniques use this clear glass palette, for it is perfect for paints that don't require odorless thinner. It's heavy duty and large enough for any paint job that you may need. This is Pat Secrist's favorite paint palette for color mixing, veining and eyebrow painting, blushing and skin texture. This is also the palette he uses in his newest tutorial videos. Getting just the right amount of paint on your brush is much easier with the glass paint palette! This large glass palette is perfect for all those paint reborning projects that requires more space than a little palette provides. They are also very easy to clean up after you are done. When mixing Genesis paints we recommend that artists avoid using plastic palettes.


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