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Carol's Miracle Doll Cleaner

Carol's Miracle Doll Cleaner 8 oz. used for Vinyl etc
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Carol's Miracle Doll Cleaner is the ideal cleaning agent - it removes most dirt and stray marks with minimal risk to hard plastic or vinyl body parts. Care should be used around painted on features, like lips and eyebrows.

Carol's Miracle Doll Cleaner 8 oz. used for Vinyl & Hard Plastic Dolls Bisque Compo

An old time favorite of doll lovers and restorers.  This product cleans dolls whether they are bisque, composition, hard plastic, vinyl, latex or porcelain.  Carol's Miracle Doll Cleaner has proven itself over the years and is a wonderful product!

It comes with a squirt cap for easy application.  Squirt on a cotton swab or old terry cloth washcloth.  Use liberally and cover doll completely paying attention to wrinkles in fingers, hands etc.  Let some extra cleaner "soak" in those wrinkles while you are cleaning the rest of the doll.  Take a cotton swab pointed applicator and rub through the wrinkles and the dirt will be gone.  Wipe off cleaner with a clean dry cloth.  Cleaner does not have to be rinsed off.  If you prefer, you can clean one section of your doll at a time.

A clear liquid cleaner with no dyes or colorization added.  Dries without leaving any residue!!! 

Cleans mildew film, sticky doll, very good at cleaning nicotine, soot and smoke residue and almost any type of dirt a doll might encounter.

This product will not remove permanent ink from vinyl dolls nor will it remove discoloration caused by a chemical reaction in the material the doll is made from. The ink has penetrated and bonded with the vinyl and the discoloration is the result of a chemical reaction in the material the doll is made from as the doll ages.   Many have used this product for a long time and love it.


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