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Remove Zit ~ Twin Pines ~ 1OZ

Remove Zit ~1OZ


~ Removes stains from ink, marker, mildew, mold, fungus, lipstick, food and even dye. Can be used on most hard and soft plastic dolls, fired bisque and porcelain. Not for celluloid, poly, compo or paper mache.

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We are so proud to offer a wonderful produuct by TWIN PINES. World renowned in the Doll World, we are sure you will find TWIN PINES Doll Cleaning products easy to use. REMOVE-ZIT removes stains from ink, magic marker, mildew, mold, black specs embedded in the vinyl, fungus, lipstick, food and even dye transferred to a doll body from clothing and shoes. REMOVE-ZIT can be used on most hard and soft vinyl dolls, action figures and fired bisque and porcelain dolls. REMOVE-ZIT even removes the green stains found on doll's ears from metals like earring studs and head bands. REMOVE-ZIT comes with complete instructions. 

Product Description
Remove-Zit will remove ink, magic marker, mold, mildew, fungus and food stains from dolls and vinyl action figures, vinyl fabrics like car upholstery and boat seats, dolls and toys. Remove-Zit also removes fungus and ink stains, magic marker, dye transfers to vinyl compounds from shoes or clothing, as well as metal stains like "green ear" from most hard and soft plastic dolls (like American Girl, Barbie dolls and Chatty Cathy), action figures and fired bisque and porcelain dolls. Remove-Zit should not be used on celluloid, papier maché, polystyrene, or composition dolls. Remove-Zit is a time-proven aid in the preservation of vinyl materials.

There are many different kinds of plastic. Vinyl is a plastic but all plastics are not vinyl. If you are not absolutely positive of what kind of plastic you are dealing with, it is good practice and common sense to test the affected part or item before proceeding with any restoration. Take nothing for granted. To test your item, place a spot of Remove-Zit in an inconspicuous area on each and every part that is stained. If the test results in bubbling or stickiness, remove the Remove-Zit immediately. This is a reaction with the plastic, usually polystyrene. A few examples are dolls with polystyrene parts are, Maggie Mixup, some early Chatty Cathy parts, Chatty Baby and others.

Some vinyl and other plastic dolls and action figures were air brushed (painted) during manufacture to apply cosmetic features. Remove-Zit will remove paint. Removing a stain from a face with painted features could result in the removal of the cosmetic features. Removing a stain may take as long as a month or even longer. The stain did not develop overnight and it usually does not come out overnight. Read, understand and follow the directions, and have patience.

Stop using Remove-Zit if the application of it causes minor swelling on a soft vinyl, do not pick or scrub at the swelled area. Removal of the swollen area will result in a permanent pock mark or pitting. The swelling will subside.


  • Test first in a small area; then apply a thin coat of Remove-Zit with the flat end of a toothpick or a needle.
  • Keep away from painted and cosmetic features. Use a needle to apply Remove-Zit near cosmetic features like freckles.
  • Do not disturb for a day or so then lift off the spent Remove-Zit with a needle or the flat end of a toothpick. Re-apply as necessary.

Do not wash the area between applications. Remove-Zit is not water soluble; Formula 9-1-1 will remove it. Gently warming the stained area before application and keeping the doll in a warm place will help speed up the stain removing process.

Be aware that heat from a hair dryer could melt or deform the stained area. A vinyl skin doll, like a Whimsey, filled with cotton, kapock, foam, etc. should not be warmed by any means.

Remove-Zit was designed to remove stains from vinyl plastics. Tarn-X and other metal cleaners were made to use on metals. There is no problem using Remove-Zit after Tarn-X was used.

When removing green ear metal stain, if you remove the doll head, place the head with neck opening pointed up to allow fumes to escape. To reduce the possibility of losing eye or lip color when removing stains from the head or upper body of a doll or action figure, cover the painted cosmetic areas with petroleum jelly. The petroleum jelly can be removed or just wiped off later. Diluted Formula 9-1-1 will remove petroleum jelly residue. 

Re-dying previously dyed vinyl

Most vinyl plastics are normally colored by adding metal oxide pigments to the plastic mass before it is molded. When vinyl compounds colored in this way are treated with REMOVE-ZIT to remove a stain the pigment is not affected by the treatment and the stain is removed.

Another way to color some vinyl compounds is simply to add a dye to the plastic mass before it is molded. When vinyl compounds colored in this way are treated with REMOVE-ZIT the stain is removed but in many cases so is the dye used to color the vinyl. Strictly speaking, a dye is a stain and REMOVE-ZIT is an efficient stain remover.

Dye can be replaced in such vinyls using artist marking pens. For example, Eberhard Faber (recently acquired by Sanford Corp.) manufactures a line of such pens called Design 2 Art Markers. These pens have a pointed end and a flat (chisel) end. They are available in a broad spectrum of colors at an artists supply or crafts store. Any brand of artist marking pen that is not water-based is an appropriate choice.

To re-color a Twist N Turn Barbie doll, for example, you can evaluate a combination of oranges, melon, pinks and reds. The colors are mixed with a blending pen. The blending pen is in the same rack as the pens; it contains solvent but no color.

The technique is simply to match the color of the doll first on white paper. Make parallel horizontal lines of colors adjacent to each other using colors that may be components of the target color. Then, using the blending pen, go across the color lines in a perpendicular fashion so as to mix the colors. Keep trying to blend different colors until you achieve the desired color.

Allow the paper to dry completely and compare this with the color of the doll to be treated. A proper evaluation can be made in natural light. After you have achieved a match on paper duplicate the color on the doll. After blending the colors you have chosen allow the colors to be absorbed into the plastic for a few days and observe the results of your work. If you find that your coloring is off a shade, make the adjustment and observe after a few days. Repeat the application as necessary to achieve an exact match.

Note that REMOVE-ZIT was designed to penetrate the plastic. Before re-dyeing a doll, time must be allowed to pass in order for the REMOVE-ZIT to dissipate from within the plastic. If dye is applied before all of the REMOVE-ZIT has dissipated the dye will fade. If this happens let time pass and repeat the coloring process as necessary.

When reapplying cosmetic features you can prevent future bleeding of the paint by mixing the (acrylic) paint with a product called Fabric Medium available in Craft and Art Supply stores. Mix two-thirds Fabric Medium with one-third paint.

Remove-Zit shelf life is approximately twelve months. Replace the lid when not in use. Remember that Remove-Zit removes paint.

You are responsible for using care and common sense when working with any chemical or cleaning product. Misuse of any product or failure to read, understand and follow directions can damage an otherwise salvageable item. We cannot emphasize often enough to test before proceeding. If you have a question prior to buying or using Remove-Zit please e-mail us with your question. 

CAUTION: Contact with eyes, lips and/or skin can cause dryness or irritation. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. In case of accidental ingestion consult a physician.

Product contains organic peroxides. Keep this and all other chemical materials out of the reach of children.

Purchaser's sole and exclusive remedies for breach on any warranty concerning this product shall be replacement of the product or refund of the purchase price upon return of the unused portion of the product. Manufacturer shall not be liable for any consequential or other damage resulting from product use.


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