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Heads Up Detangler ~ Twin Pines ~ 4oz

Helps loosen knots and tangles. Safe for all wigs including mohair.
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Product Description

  • Heads Up! Detangler provides superior wet combing while it moisturizes the hair. Manageability is improved and the product imparts static control.


Directions for use:

  • Heads Up! Detangler is best used straight from the container without dilution. Depending on the size of the tangle, mat or snarl, use a sprayer (provided in the Heads Up! Hair Care Kit) or pour a small amount into a saucer and throughly saturate the matted area. Soak just until the strands become visibly loosened. Gently begin to separate the mat using your fingers, a pick or the special comb (both provided in the Heads Up! Hair Care Kit).
  • Begin at the bottom and work your way up the hair to the top. Completely release all tangles from entire section. Hold each section you are working with your free hand. This will help prevent hair loss. Do not rinse Detangler from the wig before shampooing.


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