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Enfis Silicone Artist Starter Kit - Pigments & Psycho Paint

13 Color Pigments

Psyco Paint A and B

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High quality light fast artist grade silicone pigments in the twelve colours that enable you to create your own silicone baby doll without having to worry about mixing colours. These pigments are primarily made for colour matched medical prosthetics, dolls and special effects of human forms. You add this pigment to a suitable clear silicone paint base such as Psycho paint.

The Enfis Nature Colour range has over 128 colours plus more than 40 skin shades, so I've just picked out the ones I primarily use to create a very realistic baby in a "trial size" set. Ill be stocking more and other sizes in coming weeks. These 3g pots go a very long way, each would colour at least 125ml (1/2 cup) of clear paint base to a nice painting colour. They are compatible with both 2 part RTV platinum(e.g psycho) and one part acetoxy cure(e.g silpoxy) paint bases.

Enfis professional pigments are extremely light fast. They are produced using commercial dispersion methods including 3 roll milling, meaning the pigments are thoroughly dispersed and you wont get any specks of colour appearing and ruining your work - something I have found very annoying in purples and blues historically. They are especially good for the demands of airbrushing as well as brush or sponge work.


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