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x Enfis Silicone Artist Complete Starter Kit ~Pigments, Psycho Paints & Silicone Velvet

13 Color Pigments

Psyco Paint A and B


My Wishlist

This set includes the pigments, the clear paint base (psycho paint) and matting powder. It is perfect for an artist taking their first steps into silicone painting.

Enfis High quality light fast pigments in the twelve colours that enable you to create your own silicone baby doll without having to worry about mixing colours. ***bonus extra colour "Alabaster" for nail tips, milia and lanugo*****. These are my "go to" colours when painting a doll.

If you are new to painting silicone, the difference is that clear paint base (included in this kit) is mixed with the pigments to create the "paint". With this method you can control the amount of pigment used to create different depths of colour in your paint. You can also add solvent (thinners) to make your paint runnier and easier to apply. You can even make it very runny and apply with an airbrush.

The kit includes

PAINT: 100ml Psycho brand platinum silicone clear paint base (A&B)- enough to paint at least one preemie sized doll. 
PIGMENT : My 12 (plus 1 free) preferred artist grade super strong pigments colours in 3g size - enough for several dolls.
POWDER : Silicone velvet artist grade matting powder - enough for at least one doll

Also a colour guide to show where and how to use each colour for realistic effects.

What you will need to buy:

A plastic palette
disposable stirring sticks
suitable thinners/solvent (these are not permitted to send in the UK postal system)
latex free sponges or beauty blenders
a set of brushes - nylon is best
Latex Free gloves
Powder brush
90% isopropyl alcohol
and of course your doll kit ready to paint 
I will send out an "amazon" shopping list for these items to make it easy to buy them


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