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Talita Pinheiro

Interview by MacPherson Arts & Crafts


 1. Where are you from and where do you live now?
Moro in Brazil Parana Paranagua

2. Have you always been interested in dolls?
Always loved everything related dolls

3. When did you first become interested in sculpting?
It was 3 years when I saw a mini baby sculptured I fell in love

4. How did you first encounter reborn dolls?
Was through a sculptress of Brazil Márcia Castro

5. Have you sculpted dolls from the time you started sculpting, or did you start off with something else?
I began by Rebirth reborn, I fell in love with each kit that's where my will to sculpt began

6. How long have you been sculpting?
I am sculpting 4 years and I started with mini Sculptures

7. What medium do you use to sculpt your babies with?

8. What inspires & motivates you to sculpt?
Whenever an inspiration is born I am sculpting, What motivates me to sculpt and see every beautiful and sculptured baby by such wonderful artists

9. Do you sculpt full time & do you have other hobbies?
I do not sculpt full-time I take care of the house and the children, but whenever I can I am sculpting

10. Do you only sculpt for kit production or do you do custom ~ portrait orders too?
I sculpt for production but I'm starting my first baby for photography of my grandson

11. When did your first kit come out and what was the baby's name?
Zoelle Kit But I have another in production, Dinah

12. How many kits have you produced to date?
2 and busy with my third.

13. Do you have a list of names of all of your kits you have produced as we would love to have an archive directory for your sculpts?
Zoelle, Dinah I'm busy with the third kit

14. Which baby of yours has been your all time favorite and why?

15. Do you plan to continue sculpting babies for kits?
Yes I plan always to sculpt thats my dream.

16. How do you feel about the reborn doll industry? What excites you and what upsets you?
I feel confident

17. How do you feel about the progression of the art of reborning over the past 10 years?
over 10 years I feel sad about PIRACY.

18. Do you think that this industry has a long term future or do you think its just a fad that will blow over?
I believe that if we fight piracy we will have a long future

19.What are your plans and hopes for the future?
My hope is that God will give me health so that I can sculpt more and more and better

20. Do you have something new in the works?
Yes I have new works two sculptures being worked.

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Zoelle by Talita Pinheiro ~ SOLD OUT
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Dinah by Talita Pinheiro ~ SOLD OUT

Dinah by Talita Pinheiro ~ SOLD OUT

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