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KrisC~SiliconeFXPaint Set

Silicone Pre-Mixed Petite Paint Set

by KrisC
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Silicone Pre-Mixed Petite Paint Set by KrisC

This wonderful set of Silicone Paints from SiliconeFX with KrisC was especially put together by the amazingly talented Kristie Sohn-Carwithen of The Dainty Loft.

This Paint Set comes with all her custom mixed colors as used by herself on her own babies

We have put this set together in a petite set

Included in Package: Silicone A and Silicone Pigmented B (Part B is pre-mixed into the paints - this kit does not include a separate clear Part B) , plus 2 measuring spoons.

Label spoons A and B and DO NOT mix up or cross-contaminate with one another.

Measure equal amounts of A and B with designated spoons into a separate container and mix.

Thinner/Solvent can be used and can be diluted enough for an airbrush.

Pot Life is approximately 45 minutes with solvent (20 minutes without) and tack-free is approximately 2 hours.

One Ounce sizes are now being offered separately

Colors are:


Northern Sea

Wythe Ocre


Flower Box

Vintage Berry


Part A to mix EVENLY with colors.


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