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46g 3 Barb Crown Rooting Needles

Set of 10 needles

46g 3 Barb Needles as used by the professionals

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These are the needles that Suzette du Plessis used on her Advanced Rooting DVD …. Cassie also on the Precious Little Baby dust DVD that have been very much sought after. It's the finest gauge needle you can find. It is best to warm the head before rooting with these fine needles. It fits uncut into the (plastic) mushroom handled rooting tool, the Pink Pen, or the German wooden needle holder.

Excellent for rooting soft vinyl OR silicone. They are reported to be super strong and if you work with a well-heated vinyl head, they will bend but not break if you're careful.

Please note: ALWAYS clean the needle with rubbing alcohol before using! The factory coats them with oil to prevent rust. It's best to leave the factory oil on to protect your needles until just before you use them.


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