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40g German Forked Needles

Set of 10

40g Forked Needle.

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This is the needle that rooted the hair on the Best In Show Doll by Petra Seiffert at the First Annual Reborn Competition at Las Vegas. This needle has a tiny groove down to the end of the needle which picks up literally ONE hair at a time. This is why they are called forked needles. They are quite strong. I recommend that you have some experience with regular felting needles before trying these. They can be a bit tricky to use at first, and in most cases, warming the head is necessary. For the experienced reborn artist who is ready to take their rooting to the next level.

Please note: ALWAYS clean the needle with rubbing alcohol before using! The factory coats them with oil to prevent rust. It's best to leave the factory oil on to protect your needles until just before you use them.


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