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42g/3Barb Spiral Heavenly Illusions Rubberised Rooting Needles - Lavender

42g 3 Barb (Spiral) Needles ~ Set of 10

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The 42GG 3 Barb Lavender needle is very strong and ideal for rooting stronger mohair like yearling, adult or even human hair. You can also root fine kid mohair with this needle and even though it is a bit thicker, it hardly will leave any puncture marks. When the head is heated, the needle will slide through easily.

The 42GG 3 Barb needle is quite stable and suitable for almost all hair.  Above all, if one does not work over the middle of the hair strands, but punctures in the end, this needle proves to be extraordinary. This is different than the 40 G 6 B. we also sell and you can tell by the shape and arrangement of the notches. When you pull the hair end reliably using this needle, it will avoid  the ugly little stubble that tends to arise when the notch depth for the strength of the hair is not sufficient. This needle has HL notches, which are characterized by a particularly rounded shape and thus on the one hand protect the vinyl and on the other hand avoid that the hair will break when piercing it into the vinyl. When the head is heated by a source of heat (e.g., a halogen lamp) or by a rice bag, the needle slides on almost by itself, leaving punctures that are barely visible.


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