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42g/3 Barb Heavenly Illusions Rubberised Rooting Needles - Pink

42g 3 Barb (Spiral) Crown Needles ~ Set of 10

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This needle is very stable and is ideal for rooting yearling mohair, adult mohair, or even for human hair . Especially if you root from the tip of the hair, these needles proved extremely effective. Due to the shape and spiral arrangement of the barbs you pull the hair end deeper into the vinyl, with no unsightly stubbles sticking out. Due to its particularly rounded shape it avoids unsightly hole in the vinyl and also helps prevent hair from breaking during rooting. If the head is heated by a heat source, eg. halogen lamp or a rice bag , the needle will slide effortlessly into the vinyl, leaving hardly visible punctures .


Thursday, 15 November 2018
My one true love!!!! Rooting can be a struggle when it comes to dinging the right needle for the job and this is my go to! Easy to grip and great for alpaca and mohair.
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