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Glue ~ ReBornFX Ultimate Reborn Eyelash

Comes in bottle with fine tipped applicator
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PLEASE NOTE:  This product is the same as our original DKI brand.  DKI  has now been  RE branded under our new name Reborn FX

We have re-labeled these items in order to compliment our new line of Reborn FX air dry paints. 

Watch for new products under the Reborn FX label as we continue to grow.

This brand new product we are introducing is The Ultimate Reborn Eyelash Glue is the best Glue for applying doll reborn eyelashes EVER
The bottle's fine stainless steel tip is perfect for adding a very small amount of this glue to the eye.  It only releases a very fine line of glue for a natural finish.
9.99 per 1.25 oz bottle
The Best Eyelash Glue has wonderful archival properties and dries to a clear, glossy finish.

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