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Posables 1/4 Limbs with Body ~ Mix & Match Series #1

Includes Cloth Body & 1/4 Limbs

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Posables Mix & Match #1 by Adrie Stoete

Sorry folks...we misunderstood about this body.

We assumed by looking at the pictures provided that it came with an armature...........

this is not the is the note we got from Adrie.

The armature is just something Adrie made herself. Customers asked about it
so she made an instruction how to make it yourself. We do not have these
items in stock but any hardware store should have the electrical wire.

First set of posables, hands and feet so you can make a cuddle baby with the included body.

See instructions and pictures. Meant for Adrie Stoete's Mix & Match Collection but also suitable for other 18" babies.

These limbs plus body will make a complete kit together with a head.
Together with the other parts of the M&M Collection this will be a 18" baby. The Mix & Match Collection parts are made of soft, light colored German vinyl, so head is very easy to root.


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