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DKI Advanced Painting Techniques DVD by Suzette du Plessis

Advanced Painting Techniques DVD by DKI
Instruction by Suzette du Plessis
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PLEASE note that the regular price of THis DVD is 49.95 and the price showing is the discounted price.

Suzette uses very detailed instruction to help the student artist produce a beautifully made reborn baby doll. She shares her experience and recipe for “Baby Glow Magic Mix” that when applied – brings out those lifelike qualities that will make your reborn doll extra special!

Learn about:

* Realistic skin tone
* Neutralizing wash
* Complex skin tones
* New born skin layering
* Mottled skin variations
* Facial feature enhancement
* Easy options for veining
* Lifelike lips
* Baby manicures
* Painting Belly Plates * Creases & wrinkles
* Blushing

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