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Laila Fairy by Shawna Clymer~Exclusive

Laila Sleeping Fairy by Shawna Clymer

Newsletter Exclusive

11" Fairy Kit w Full Limbs

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Laila Sleeping Fairy by Shawna Clymer

When it comes to online purchases, or limited offers, it is not uncommon for technical glitches or server issues to occur due to the overwhelming number of users trying to access the same page simultaneously. These issues can cause the purchase counter to accept a purchase inaccurately. Therefore, even if you click the purchase button at the same time as others, there is a possibility that someone else might secure the item before you due to these technical difficulties. We will notify you & refund immediately  if your order number comes in after the first one.

We have left these images up for your viewing pleasure and for reference purposes.

PLEASE NOTE that this item has been sold out and cannot be purchased.  If you add this to your shopping cart it will be deleted as it is not in stock.

Photos of completed dolls shown here by various artists are included to show the different artistic interpretations to help you visualize what the doll kit can look like when it’s finished.

Images with permission from:


Details of the kit are as Follow:

  • Full Price: $79.99
  • Size:  11 1/4"
  • Head Circ:  "
  • Arms: full
  • Legs:
  • Eyes: N/A (Sleeping)
  • Cloth Body: Included
  • Belly Plate: Included
  • Edition: TBD
  • Vinyl: Soft Light Vinyl
  • Status: SOLD OUT


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