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Chase by Bonnie Brown

Chase by Bonnie Brown

21" UNFINISHED Doll Kit w Full Limbs
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Chase by Bonnie Brown

PLEASE NOTE: You are purchasing an unpainted and unassembled doll kit. This is NOT a finished doll. These unassembled doll parts (head without hair) need to be painted, rooted and put together to complete your own creation.

Photos of completed dolls shown here by various artists are included to show the different artistic interpretations to help you visualize what the doll kit can look like when it’s finished.

All Guarantees are void if the vinyl is heated as we cannot predict what could become defective. The vinyl can crack or bubble which is not the fault of the manufacturer or the inspection process. If you decide to heat your vinyl you must do so at YOUR OWN RISK.

Images with permission from:


Details of the kit are as Follow:

  • Full Price: $119.99
  • Size: 21"
  • Head Circ:  13.75"
  • Arms: full
  • Legs: full
  • Eye Size: N/A (Sleeping)
  • Cloth Body: included
  • Edition:  Open
  • Vinyl: soft Neutral Vinyl



Sunday, 17 June 2018
This kit is so adorable, I shared it on all three of my pages :) I hope I get orders to make this kit!!!
amber heistand
Saturday, 16 June 2018
Shared on my website on Facebook , such a cute baby. I love Bonnie Brown s work. These babies just amaze me how lifelike they are even before painting.
Selena Jakovec
Friday, 15 June 2018
I love this kit chase by bonnie brown. I can't wait to painted him one day. chase is a beautiful doll kit.
Jessica Webb
Friday, 15 June 2018
Shared on FB! I absolutely love this guy. Levi kit was my favorite but he might have to move to second place lol great job Bonnie Brown!
Sherri Tinnell
Friday, 15 June 2018
I have shared this little guy on my Facebook page. I haven't been as interested in a kit since Levi.
Aurora Jordan
Thursday, 14 June 2018
Another beautiful kit by Bonnie Brown! I love his little smile and crooked mouth! Shared on twitter.
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