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Adrie Stoete Vinyl Limb Set No. 19

Fits 18" Doll Kit
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Adrie Stoete Limb Set No. 19 fits all 18"  Doll Kits

Photos of completed dolls are included to show the breadth of artistic interpretation

Please note that you are purchasing a doll kit, not a finished product.

Images with permission from

Adrie Stoete


Details of the Limbs are as Follow:

  • Full Price: $45.00
  • Size: 18"
  • Arms:  Full
  • Legs:  Full
  • Edition: Open
  • Vinyl: German Vinyl


Sunday, 16 September 2018
Love this limb set! ❤️❤️ so much detail and very soft to work with, will have to get a few more sets. It would be awesome if you could add photos to the reviews as well
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