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Betty is a very hardworking refugee mother of four children who are all school-going. Together with her family, they live in Moyo in the west Nile region of Uganda.

Betty is a farmer who grows cassava, beans, sorghum, and millet. Besides this, she also has a stall in the market were she sells tomatoes, cooking oil, soap, salt, and onions. With this she tries to provide for her family, though she is not able to meet all their needs.

Betty has a big clientele, which she has built because of the excellent customer service that she gives them. She would like to add a variety of stock to her market stall. With this she will be able to pay school fees, and she has a dream of building a permanent house. She wishes to give her family a better life.

Without the support of Visionfund and Kiva, she would not be able to achieve all this. Forever she is grateful.