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Frequently Asked Questions - Pre-Order balance

FAQs - Pre-Order balance

All kit news and updates will be posted on our Calendar and in our Newsletters.

Once a new kit is received in stock, each kit will be inspected before shipping will commence.  We will usually know ahead of time when we are allowed to officially ship out a kit, as most of the sculptors prefer their dealers to start shipping on the same day to be fair to all our reborn artists.

Invoicing will be sent ahead of time to whoever has a balance outstanding to give our customers time to pay and to help us be geared up for shipping day.

It's wise to pay your Pre-Order balance as soon as your can after receiving it.  This will help insure that your kit goes out on the official shipping day and that you do  not have to wait or get it later than the rest.  We ship on a first paid - first shipped basis. does NOT sell any Illegal or Counterfeit Doll Kits
We are an Authorized Dealer for all the Sculptors listed on our website

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