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Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

FAQs - All FAQs

We are situated in the Beautiful town of St Marys, Ontario, Canada

No, we are an actual brick and mortar store...

Our shop began in 1972 by my Mother (Joan MacPherson) as a "craft section" in the corner of my fathers general store.  It eventually expanded to over 10,000 square feet of craft and art supplies and once boasted as the largest independent craft supplies store in Canada in the 80's and early part of the 90's.
Eventually the box and dollar stores dominated the craft supplies industry so we decided to down size and change our focus.

Since 2005 Doll making eventually became 90% of our inventory and we ship world wide to our reborn doll makers who are very passionate about their art form.

We are told that we are currently the only brick and mortar store in North America where one can actually walk into and purchase reborn doll-making supplies off the shelves, or take ongoing courses on how to make reborn dolls.

PLEASE note our web-site is ALWAYS open 24/7/365

Brick & Mortar Store Hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 3pm


Sundays, Mondays, Public & Bank Holidays

We have knowledgeable staff as well as an in-house reborn doll artist & teacher providing workshops and classes year round in our local studio.

Our Physical Address:

MacPherson Arts & Crafts

91 Queen St East

St Marys




Toll Free:  1-800-238-6663

We stock EVERTYTHING you could possibly want for your reborn doll making needs....

We have everything you see on our website and much more.

If there is anything specific you need and do not see it on the website, feel free to contact us and we can let you know if we have it.

Except for all our reborn supplies, we also stock many other art and craft supplies, including:

  • Artists' Acrylics, Oils, mediums, brushes, canvases, etc...
  • Kids Crafts
  • Card Making
  • Scrapbooking Supplies
  • Croched & Knitting supplies
  • Beading
  • Basketry and Caning Supplies


All orders to the USA and Canada above $130, Ships FREE.

If your order is below $130, we will contact you via email with the various options and rates.  Once we receive your answer back via email of your shipping choice, we will send you and invoice for it, which can be paid via Paypal or Credit Card.

International Orders will be shipped at the lowest possible rate.  We will also email you with the possible options and rates and once we receive your chosen option back via email, we will invoice you.

We will NEVER charge your Credit Card with a shipping rate without your consent and only upon your approval of your chosen rate.

All kit news and updates will be posted on our Calendar and in our Newsletters.

Once a new kit is received in stock, each kit will be inspected before shipping will commence.  We will usually know ahead of time when we are allowed to officially ship out a kit, as most of the sculptors prefer their dealers to start shipping on the same day to be fair to all our reborn artists.

Invoicing will be sent ahead of time to whoever has a balance outstanding to give our customers time to pay and to help us be geared up for shipping day.

It's wise to pay your Pre-Order balance as soon as your can after receiving it.  This will help insure that your kit goes out on the official shipping day and that you do  not have to wait or get it later than the rest.  We ship on a first paid - first shipped basis.

MOST IMPORTANT:  PLEASE BE SURE TO ADD US TO YOUR ADDRESS BOOK.  This will insure that our emails to  you does not go to your spam.  Many times customers would think we did not reply to them or contact them, only to find our mail in their spam. 

When you look at your order history, you will see the following order Statuses:

  • When your order is paid:  CONFIRMED
  • When your order is gone off to packing:  PROCESSING
  • When your Pre-Order is filed for later invoicing & shipping:  PROCESSING
  • When your order has shipped:  SHIPPED
  • When your order is on Lay Away:  LAY AWAY
  • When your order was refunded:  REFUND
  • When you cancelled your order:  CANCELLED

When your order has shipped, we will send you an update notification of your order and the tracking number to the email address that was used when you placed the order.

If you need more information than the above, you are welcome to open a Support Ticket at our HelpDesk.


Usually when you had a pre-order, then your order will say PROCESSING until after the pre-order kit has been received in stock and we are allowed to ship.

Another reason might be that your order went through to packing, but they might be awaiting further instructions from you - please check your emails and spam.

If it was an order placed on our previous shopping cart, prior to our last update, then it might show processing on the new site, even though it was already shipped and you probably already received the order.  We were not able to transfer all the SHIPPED statuses from the previous site and it would be an impossible task to re-enter the information of the thousands of orders on the previous site.  We do still have access to the previous site and the orders originally placed on it, so if you need any information regarding any of these orders, we can assist you.  Just open a support ticket at our HelpDesk.

Unfortunately we are not able to change any orders once it has been placed.  You can go ahead and place a second order for the products you did not add to your first order.

In the NOTE section, you maybe request for us to combine shipping for you, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this, especially if your initial order has already shipped.  We will, however, try our utmost to accomodate you with this if it is possible.




All Pre-orders arrives at different times and we do not know when what kit will arrive.  Keep your pre-orders on seperate invoices

Yes, you can combine orders as long as whichever orders you want to combine,has not shipped yet.

Just contact us via the HelpDesk and leave your information - Name, Order Numbers, Contact Number - on our Help Desk service, and we will get into contact with you.

We will gather the necessary invoices and send it through to our packing department to ship in a combined order.  If your order totals to over $100 and you are in the USA or Canada, it will ship for free. 

Otherwise you will be contacted with the various shipping rates that you can choose from and once paid, we will ship your items.


Once we get ready to do billing for a pre-order kit that has arrived, we will send your a invoice from our shopping cart.  This invoice will be the original invoice number that was allocated to you when you placed your initial pre-order.

The invoice will have the full amount due LESS the pre-order amount you paid, on it.

At the top right, you will receive a message in RED that will let you know that you can pay your balance.  If you scroll down on this invoice, you will see the following:

  • Order Information and Total
  • Amount you paid (eg. deposit)
  • Amount still due with a PAY NOW Button

In order to pay, just click on this PAY NOW Button and choose whether you would like to pay with PayPal or with your Credit Card.

Once your payment is received, your order will go to packing to be prepared for its shipping.  As soon as we have completed the inspection of the kits received and we get the green light from the sculptor to commence shipping, your order will be shipped out. does NOT sell any Illegal or Counterfeit Doll Kits
We are an Authorized Dealer for all the Sculptors listed on our website

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