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Paint types are like apples and oranges- some prefer one or the other, and some like both, but each has unique properties and benefits.

Working with air dry paints can often lead to a faster finished product, but it doesn't allow quite as much flexibility as heat-set paints. On the other hand, heat set paints may offer you a more subtle range of translucency, and greater variation of tones but will require an oven, and lots of patience with baking time. (both our heat-set and air dry paints offer great realism with translucent abilities through layering. Heat-set is just a bit more flexible.) If you've painted with oils and acrylics, start there-- if you prefer acrylic paints, you will probably be very happy with air-dry. If you're an oil on canvas person, you're more likely to love heat set paints. But why not try both? ***Please note; All guarantees are void if the vinyl is heated as we cannot predict what could become defective; flaws, bubbles etc. If you decide to heat your vinyl you must do so at YOUR OWN RISK.








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