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I am new at this and I can't say enough about the "girls" at MacPherson. They have been so patient and helpful with me and my new adventure. I would recommend them to anyone that is interested in creating re-borns.

Martha Benton
3 May 2018

I was recommended to try the RebornFX Needle Point Number 4 brush and it is the best detail brush I have ever tried. It not only gets into the hard to reach folds and creases of hands and feet, but it can hold enough paint to cover a lot of area.
I highly recommend this brush for all fine detail painting from wrinkles, creases to painting fine baby hair in the hairlines.

Punkie Pie Babies
29 January 2018

I mostly use the emulsion with high grade quality acrylic and it's work wonderful. The paint really stick to the vinyl and it's easy to apply. I love all the mediums too !

Isabelle Durocher
4 December 2017

I have really enjoyed these paints. My only objection is that they dry rather shiny and sticky feeling but this is easily remedied by thoroughly sealing with a matte sealer. There is a great color selection and it's easy to mix your own colors as well.

Helen Marshall
25 September 2017

The Lil Dumplins tutorial was very easy to follow and I really like the air dry paints. My reborn came out a little pinker in her mottling but she looks like a newborn. This is a great way to learn how to paint a reborn without the guess work. I recommend it. The paints dry very fast once they are applied.

Adriana Erickson
6 August 2017

I love air dry paints. And I was another fan of babyfx. Luckily i stumbled onto RebornFX. It puts the word reality into reborns.

Slater Germaine
26 July 2017

I love using air-dry paints and got hooked on BabyFX, only for them to discontinue their product, which almost devastated me. I had wanted to try these paints as soon as they were first introduced! Easy to use, colors are true and great tutorials for those that aren't familiar with the use of air-drys! I could go on! Thanks MacPherson's, ReBornFX has moved to the top of the class! ...Now...(LOL) how about those powders? I'll be waiting!

Love Is Forever Nursery
21 July 2017

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