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Codie by Jannie de Lange ~ SOLD OUT

Codie by Jannie de Lange ~ SOLD OUT

Codie is sculpted by Jannie de Lange.


We have left these images up for your viewing pleasure and for reference purposes.

PLEASE NOTE that this item has been sold out and cannot be purchased.  If you add this to your shopping cart it will be deleted as it is not in stock.

Photos of completed dolls shown here by various artists are included to show the different artistic interpretations to help you visualize what the doll kit can look like when it’s finished.

Images with permission from:

Pictures with permission from La Nurserie de Marie and Lilybug Nursery


Details of the kit are as Follow:

  • Full Price: $139.99 ($79.99)
  • This baby is 20" when completed
  • Ball Jointed Head with a circumference of 14"
  • Full Limbs with Soft Vinyl Torso - Boy or Girl
  • Requires 20mm eyes
  • Produced in Germany in a Peach colored Vinyl
  • Status: SOLD OUT


Samples of Finished Reborn Doll Kit:  Codie by Jannie de Lange


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