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Brenda & Team,
Since the first time I shopped at MacPhersons you have made me feel like a valued customer. I love the friendly atmosphere you have created with MacPhersons and all of the amazing stock that you have for this wonderful hobby. I hope to be up to MacPhersons again soon!

. From, Beth
. P.S. I love the setup of your website now. It is functional aswell as gorgeous.


Beth Calcutt
3 August 2016

You guys are the best!. Never had a problem. Good quality products and excellent customer care.
Thanks for responding so quickly when I need help!!!

lumena fonseca
3 August 2016

I have been Reborning since 2007 and have been shopping with MacPherson for a huge part of my Reborning career. Two years ago I decided to teach classes. Brenda and Suzette were invaluable in getting that aspect of my business up and running. From their suggestions, and advice to all of the supplies that I needed. In 2014 I was one of the owners of DEDS Brenda and MacPherson went above and beyond at the doll show to make sure everyone had what they needed for classes there as well. Being a supplier is a Thankless job and a a lot of hard work. I am Thankful for all of the many many hours that Brenda and the Girls put in to make my business run smoother. I know if there is a problem a simple phone call or message will get that settled for that I am thankful. Great job ladies!!! Debra C. Jadick, Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery

Debra Jadick
3 August 2016

MacPhersons is a great place to get your kits and other supplies. They go above and beyond great service. Thank you for all the help you have given me when needed. Great shipping and deals.

Nettie Sand
3 August 2016

LOVE Macpherson Arts and Crafts! This Canadian online store has opened up a whole new and wonderful world of reborning to me and I am very grateful. Thank you Macpherson for offering such great products, service, and fun promotions!

3 August 2016

I love shopping at Macphersons, my favourite craft store of all time?

Stephanie Englmann
3 August 2016

Yours is the first site I go to for my reborn supplies. Rarely go father as your a one stop shop!!! Love your free shipping!!!! I was so disappointed when we went to the Rose Show ! I looked everywhere for you!! Sorry you missed it!!! It was a wonderful show you would of loved it! I was so looking forward to meeting you!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

Mitzi Frantz
3 August 2016

Thank you for providing quality products, new inventory and a varied array of artist’s kits to choose from. I love the ability to sort kits by size and artist. I am hoping that there will be a feature to sort by head circumference soon. .

3 August 2016

Love The selection you have. Fast service and They always get back to me if I need help.

Cindy Belk
3 August 2016

I am an Very Happy customer! Love buying from Macpherson crafts, and always happy when I receive my orders! And since I'm in canada as well , the order take only 1-2 days to arrived! Amazing ♥

Sandrine Béchard
3 August 2016 does NOT sell any Illegal or Counterfeit Doll Kits
We are an Authorized Dealer for all the Sculptors listed on our website

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