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Growing up in Philadelphia, I saw many abandoned homes with structural damage. Many brave people bought these homes without knowing the underlying damage associated with the house and subsequently lost their money. One of these people happened to be my friend's mother. My friend had a younger brother who was a "normal" toddler, but then we noticed that he was having trouble speaking and his behavior was increasingly odd and delayed for his age. They later discovered that he had been eating chips of paint in the window sill and got lead poisoning. I had never heard of this before, but I watched how this changed their family's life. They needed 24/7 care for him and he never got a chance to have a "normal" life.
So when I moved to Maryland and saw that many people were dealing with the same issues with homes with structural damage and lead poisoning, I knew that I wanted to be a part of something that made a difference for them. By providing home inspection services, our business will ensure that homeowners receive affordable, quality inspection services. To aid in lead prevention, a portion of our revenue will be used to provide free lead inspections for low-income homes with children under 10. I want to make sure that families get a chance to live an environmentally healthy life and that kids in places like Baltimore do not view lead poisoning as a rite of passage.