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We helped with critical planning to eliminate and combat sex trafficking, rescue, and rehabilitation in Cambodia and Thailand. New alliances with refreshing visions, assuring more support, were created.
We have supported a Cyber Security company in Cambodia by educating students about cyber security and the risk of being targeted by online predators. This organization is a place for high-risk students to transition into the workplace, awareness of online abuse. Funds were raised for other programs to help train youth entering the workplace and educate families about cyber safety and security. Educating youth and families on ways cyber attackers lure children.

This endeavor in Cambodia has been launched in our own backyard, in North America, as a new program called Untouchable. Local statistics of trafficking and cyber targeting of children is just as staggering as in other countries, but law enforcement is working tirelessly to combat this devastating trade. Through the widespread use of the internet, it is easier than ever to target and recruit young children for the sex trade. TOGETHER, through your support of Little Hearts of Hope, we will be supporting #UNTOUCHABLE.# They are committed to educating children, youth, and adults about the tactics of recruiters.