Gabriella by Reva Schick


Gabriella by Reva Schick

Sculptor Reva Schick
42" Doll Kit

Full Limbs
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Product information "7.10 Gabriella Doll Kit"

By Reva Schick.

The kit consists of:  

  • Head (without hair and eyes)
  • Full vinyl arms and half legs (to the knees)
  • Vinyl torso with ball joints
  • arm- and head connector
  • as well as a half custom made body
  • and alternatively with assembly tool

The finished doll is approx. 39 inch and needs 24 mm eyes.

Head circumference 51cms/20inch. If you want to root you need approx 100g hair.

PLEASE NOTE:  You are purchasing an unpainted and unassembled doll kit…this is NOT a finished doll.  These unassembled doll parts (head without hair) need to be painted, rooted and put together to complete your own creation.

Photos of completed dolls shown here by various artists are included to show the different artistic interpretations to help you visualize what the doll kit can look like when it’s finished.

Photos with permission from

Tinkerbell Nursery

Anya's OOAK Art Dolls & Reborns

Petra Seiffert


Details of the kit are as Follow:

  • This baby is 42" when completed
  • Head with a circumference of 20.25"
  • Full Arms
  • Straight legs to the knees
  • Requires 24mm eyes, sold separately
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Body will be INCLUDED
  • Produced in Germany in a Peach colored Vinyl


Samples of Finished Reborn Doll Kit: Gabriella by Reva Schick

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Gabriella by Reva Schick
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