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Reborn Baby      Dolls Kits

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 Adrie Stoete    Andrea Arcello

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 Ann Timmerman Annie Kiely

Birgit GutzwillerBonnie Brown

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Corrine KaeufelerDanielle ClavetteCindy MusgroveDanielle ZweersDidy JacobsenDonna Lee

Elisa Marx

Elly Knoops

Evelina WosnjukGudrun Legler

Heike Kolpin

Helen ConnersJackie Gwin

Jannie de LangeJoanna Gomes Joanna Kazmierczak Karola WegerichLaura Lee EaglesLaura Tuzio Ross

Linda MurrayMaribel Villanova Marita Winters Melissa Palesse Natali Blick

Natalie Scholl

Nikki Britt

Olga Auer

Olivia Stone

Pat Moulton

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Sebilla Bos

Sheila MichaelStephanie Sullivan Sylvia Manning Tamie Yarie

Tina Kewy

Reborn Doll Kits On Sale

Reborn Doll Kits on Sale Click here
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Advanced Painting Techniques - DVD

Video Tutorials

Reborn Doll Magazine:


Saoirse by Bonnie Brown Reborn doll kits


MacPherson Arts & Crafts is a distributor for an extensive variety of Reborn Doll Kits and we have everything you need to make a perfect baby! . Supplier for several Master Doll Artists. Click here to see our extensive list!! We are the exclusive Canadian distributor for Secrist Doll Company. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our Doll products!



Best OOAK Yearling Mohair around

Ultra Premium Mohair for Doll Making

for the fussiest of reborn doll artists


FREE SHIPPING To USA On Orders Over $200!!!!!


Exciting New Products

She's Awake OR He's Awake by Tina Kewy arriving this week

reborn doll kit by tina KewyEmilee by Cindy Musgrove arriving

Lee Lou by Cassie Brace is now stocked

Reborn doll kit Lee Lou by Cassie Brace

Chloe by Debbie deGraff arriving soon!!

Chloe by Debbie deGraff

Leonor by  Lenka Poláček Hučínováis in stock now

Leonor by Lenka Poláček Hučínová

Knox by Laura Lee Eagles & Miracle by Laura Lee Eagles has now shipped out


Mathis by Gudrun Legler opens Nov 10

REborn doll kit Mathis by Gudrun Legler

Anouk by Heike Kolpin Anouk reborn doll kit by Heike Kolpin

Zhenya by Olga Auer

Reborn doll kit Zhenya by Olga Auer


Complete Kit how to Paint Silicone Dolls    

Learn to paint silicone dolls kit


This was the BEST feature I have seen yet on Reborn Doll making. Be prepared to cry. What a class act Fox news was!! My Doll Artist friends will be happy with this one!!! Cindy and Daryl....great job....BRAVO

Video Clip


Next is..Serenity by

Laura Lee Eagles

Reborn doll kits by Laura Lee Eagles

Painting & Drawing


Shop Online for Golden Artist Colors colours - our best sellers

Lrya Art products

DecoArt, Genesis Heat Set Oils, Heinz Jordan, JoSonja, Golden Artist Colors, Delta Ceramcoat, order online

DecoArt, Delta, Genesis, Heinz Jordan, JoSonja, Golden Artist Colours...
and so on!

Heinz Jordan Gold Sable Brushes

These Heinz Jordan Brushes use the finest hairs from around the world to provide artists with a wide range of brushes for countless applications.


Knitting Looms Knifty Knitters



  Living Doll Polymer Clay

Living Doll Polymer Clay



If you have not had an opportunity to try Living Doll Clay yet.....DO IT!!! 

We guarenteee you will love it. 

Word is spreading quickly amoungst the top OOAK doll sculptors that they have found the best polymer clay available in the market to date.  Wheather you are a sculpter of Santa's, Fairies or Babies you will find this professional sculpters polymer clay one of a kind for your own original masterpiece!



Caning & Basketry

Deep discounts and a great selection of Caning and Basketry Supplies - shop online

We carry many eclectic "hard to find" items such as
Caning and Basketry supplies

Click to browse our extensive Caning & Basketry Section

We now have instructions on different ways of finishing your project on the Knifty Knitter and various stitches you can do on the looms to achieve different effects.

Also take advantage of our free projects for the Knifty Knitters by ProvoCraft.

All free for the taking!  Enjoy!

Click here for full instrutions on:

How to use the Knifty Knitter

Click here to purchase Knifty Knitter



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