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I have tried others but keep coming back to McPherson34. I absolutely love the kits. They are all beautiful but my favorite is the Saskia. I recently ordered 4 but are on back order.

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Carla Hatfield
23 February 2017

Thank you Brenda and staff .I feel very important and valued by you.Thanks for being so great on my requests.I feel safe ordering from you and you are a very trustworthy company.Much appreciation to you and OMG your shipping has gotten super super fast all of a sudden.Thanks so much!

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Noell Emerson
13 February 2017

Recently purchased Lucy by Tina Kewy kit (to replace one I messed up)
and some limbs for a head. Not only were my parts and kits packaged nicely, the shipping service was so fast, I thought it was flown here by personal jet (wink)! I was greatly appreciative of the fast shipping and excellent service. I will be making more purchases this coming year from MacPherson Craft Supplies, without a doubt!! Thank you so very much!

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21 January 2017

I wanted to share how much I love the new kit James by Jorja Pigott. I ordered one of these kits and fell in love so had to order a second and getting ready to order my third. The kit is huge, 26" with full arms and legs and the doe suede body is included for only $109.99. What a deal! This kit was so much fun to paint and the sculpt is very detailed so he looks alive when you are done. He is huge and able to wear around a 9 month outfit. I painted the hair on my first kit and loved the outcome. I love everything about James, from his cute little smile to his full arms and legs with adorable hands and feet. Don't pass James by, he is so worth painting.

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LaDonna Briggs from Sweet Potato Pie Nursery
7 January 2017

Great company. Brenda always gets it right. All my urgent orders came with preferred international shipping at no cost. The selection is as great as is the pricing.
I could not do without the company.
Thankful Gritt

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Gritt petersen
2 January 2017

I LOVE everything about MacPhersons. I love the free shipping and the wonderful variety of quality kits to choose from. I love your great prices, the amazing news letter that informs me of what is coming next, the beautiful baby clothing, wide selection of bodies and everything I need to create a reborn and also the extra's that are offered free with almost all my orders. Thank you so much MacPhersons for your wonderful friendly service. Your the BEST!

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LaDonna Brooks Briggs
31 December 2016

I love shopping for kits and supplies from MacPherson's. This kit I purchased this Scarlett kit by the wonderful sculptor Bonnie Brown is so adorable! It was a joy to create a beautiful baby from. Bonnie Brown is one of my favorite sculptors. She puts so much detail in her kits. Thank you MacPherson, and Bonnie Brown, you guys are wonderful!
Pat @ PJay's Wheels On The Bus Nursery

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31 December 2016

I bought the Bonnie and Clyde monkeys and they are so cute , high quality all the way . The doe skin bodies are so nice and the vinyl parts are wonderful , I will be defiantly be buying more

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Vicki Babcock
30 December 2016

I have been buying from McPherson arts and crafts for over 10 years! The girls are always there to help when it is needed! I have bought from other suppliers but McPherson is always the cheapest and fastest shipping time. Thank you all so much for all your hard work! I look forward to buying more from you in 2017! Hugs! Carol

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30 December 2016

Kits well- packed and promptly shipped! Free shipping is wonderful!
Super Staff!

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Vicki V
30 December 2016

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