Cindy Musgrove

I have six children and 14 grandchildren that inspire me with each new addition to the family!  I have a loving husband of 33 years, which I am so thankful for every day.
   I have a deep passion for my art and want to always push myself to strive for as much realism as possible with every doll or art piece.  I do not have a formal degree, I am a self taught Artist and personally love discovering how to make something and seeing it come to life from my own imagination.
   Although I have been in love with art all my life, I discovered sculpting with polymer clay (clay that hardens only after baking it) in the 80's, but didn't get serious about it for life size sculpts till 2005. I have sculpted for Masterpiece Doll and Bountiful Baby, doing one of a kind sculpts and now Producing them for myself as vinyl kits