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To give your reborn more depth, we are going to add some blue undertones....

You will need:

  • DKI Vein Blue
  • Odorless Thinner
  • Soft Medium Brush
  • Clean Sponge
  • Flower Well or Condiment Bowl for thinner
  • Paint Plate or Dinner Plate

Add some thinner to your plate. Place your plate at an angle so that the thinner will all be at the lowest part of the plate. Now take some turqoise and mix up a very translucent mix.

Now start adding your blue undertones as follows:

Begin by adding some blue undertones one the inner lid of the eyes and over the bridge of the nose.

Also add some above the brow bone area

Add some to the temples and behind the ears

Remember to blend in with a dampened sponge as we did on the limbs

Now add some blue to the side of the nose and on the upper lip

Now start adding your blue undertones as follows:

Under the bridge of the foot going upwards on the inner side of the foot.

Add some undertone on the inner thigh of the legs

Add to the ankle area

Now keep a sponge dampened with thinner handy. You will use this to blend in the edges of the blue undertones and also to stop it from running all over your kit.

Now we are going to add some blue undertones to the arms. Make sure you also use your dampened sponge to blend in the blue and to keep it from running all over your kit

Add some blue to the pulse area and a bit to the palm of the hand

Also add a tad between the fingers

Add to the inner arm

And REMEMBER to blend in with your dampened sponge

Leave it until the thinner has evaporated and bake at 265 for 10 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: This manual is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or copied in any way in full or part. Only registered and qualified tutors of Let’s Reborn have authorization to use or distribute this manual. Offenders will be prosecuted.








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