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Now that we have the basic mottled look, we are going to add some more Mottling with a Berrymaker

You will need:

* DKI Mottle no. 1
* Odorless Thinner or Spirits
* Soft Paint Brush
* Paint Well
* Berrymaker

1. Mix some more Dark Red into the Mixture you made for the Previous Lesson to get a stronger mixture

2. Take your Berrymaker and snip the tip off.

3. Take a pair of small scissors and cut "triangles" out of the Berrymaker...

4. Take a tweezer and pull out these litte triangles. You berrymaker should almost look like a flower now.

5. Now take a soft Paintbrush and brush some of this thin paint in some areas on your kit, but only one area at a time, as it is very runny.

6. Take your Clean Berrymaker and remove some of the Paint you have just painted onto your kit. Remember to dab your berrymaker often on a paper towel to remove the excess paint which was picked up from your kit.

7. Once again make sure to remove any paint in crevices and holes

8. Do this in areas on the side of the face, behind the ear areas and here and there on the head....

9. Make sure you dont use the Berrymaker is straight lines but all over the painted area. Also make sure you blend it outwards

10. Now do the same with the Arms. Not the entire arm, but a few accent spots

11. Also the Legs - Only accent areas

12. Leave once again to totally evoparate before baking for 8 minutes at 130Degrees Celsius.

As you can see, the effect are not as intense after its been baked

PLEASE NOTE: This manual is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or copied in any way in full or part. Only registered and qualified tutors of Let’s Reborn have authorization to use or distribute this manual. Offenders will be prosecuted.








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