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We all know that babies' skins are much more mottled than a grown-up's skin tone

Cutis marmorata is a common phenomenon in newborn infants. It consists of alternating areas of dilated and constricted blood vessels, which gives the skin a red and white marbled appearance. It is most obvious when the skin is cool.

Look at these pics.... This is what we are going to try and create....

[u]You will Need:[/u]
* DKI Mottle No. 1
* DKI Mottle No. 2
* DKI Mottle No. 3
* Flat Paint Brushes
* Paint Well
* Sponges

1. Start by mixing up very very translucent mixtures of the red, purple and blue paints. It must be as translucent as food coloring.

2. Take some Make-up sponges. The take your tweezers and rip out some small holes in the sponges like this. You will need to make 3 of these sponges

3. Begin by brushing some of the purple onto one of the sponges

4. Now take this translucent purple colored sponge and dab it randomly onto the vinyl.

5. Make sure you cover all parts including the inside of the hands, under the feet, and behind the ears. Allow each layer to air dry before applying the next layer.

6. Now do the same with your red & blue paint. Dab it randomly on all the Vinyl Parts. Do another layer of the red, should you need more mottling for a newborn look.

7. Leave all the parts once again until all paint and Thinners have evaporated

8. Bake your baby for 6 - 8 minutes at 130 Degrees Celsius and leave to cool off completely

This is what your kit should look like after heatset.....

You can add as many of this mottle layers and variations of these colors are you want.. eg add a bit of Titanium white to give variation. Quinacridone Magenta and Pyrole Red 07 can also be used. DO NOT add more than 1 layer of DKI Mottle No. 3 (Blue)

PLEASE NOTE: This manual is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or copied in any way in full or part. Only registered and qualified tutors of Let’s Reborn have authorization to use or distribute this manual. Offenders will be prosecuted.








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