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Applying Basic Flesh Tones

If you are happy with the color of your kit, you can start adding the basic flesh tones

You will Need:

* Paint Well
* Odorless Thinners or Spirits
* Flesh 08
* Raw Linseed Oil (PLEASE NOTE: NO BABY OIL!!!)
* 3/4" Glazing Paint Brush or Maxine's Mop
* Filbert Brush
* Sponges

1. Begin by Mixing up Flesh 08 with Odorless Thinners in your well. Make sure its not too concentrated, or your kit will look chalky. It should also be like milk. Now add around 5 to 7 drops of linseed oil to this paint mixture. The linseed oil will help you prevent your baby from looking chalky.

2. Paint this mixture over your entire doll, one doll part at a time, and use your sponge to pounce it off.

3. Make sure that no paint assembles in the holes, creases and crevices... Using a Filbert Brush to clean it out....

4. Make sure that there are no sponge marks on the vinyl, like you did with your neutralizing layers

5. Leave to completely dry before baking it. Make sure you check for paint build-up and sponge marks BEFORE baking....

Repeat steps 1 - 5 as many times as required to get a good base coat of flesh 08 over the entire doll.

When you are happy, you can continue to Lesson 7

PLEASE NOTE: This manual is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or copied in any way in full or part. Only registered and qualified tutors of Let’s Reborn have authorization to use or distribute this manual. Offenders will be prosecuted.








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