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When a vinyl kit is produced, an oil is used in the production process.

In order to get rid of this oil, we suggest you wash your kit with any of the following two methods:

  1. Wipe your kit down with 91% Alcohol if you do not want to spend time waiting for your kit to dry overnight.
  2. Wash it with dish washing liquid as this soap usually contains de-greasing agents which will get rid of this oil. Be sure to leave your kit to dry overnight. Put it in the oven for around 6 minutes at 265 Deg F. or 130 Deg. C the following day, just to be sure its completely dry. Leave your kit to cool off completely before attempting to open the nose, if you prefer to do this. Opening the nose is not a necessity and are rarely been done anymore. Instead the nose holes are shaded to give depth.








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