Natali Blick

My name is Natali Blick, I was born in Poland in 1977, am married and have 2 wonderful children. I grew up in a family of artists, and I spent a lot of time around art. Painting became my favorite activity as my mother brought me up teaching me to arrange the use of colors. In the adolescent age I worked as an artist in the workshop of my mother. The end of 2007 I discovered the little Real Life look alike Babies and was thrilled. In 2008, I tried my hand at modeling and in 2009 I started to work with Dolls Dreamland. There you have 8 sculpts of mine to cherish my kits and there are more to come. : O))) In the year, 2012 I began to produce my sculpted babies on my own. Natali now has her own distributors and we are very pleased to be one of them! :-)