Evelina Wosnjuk

evelina wosnjukMy name is Evelina Wosnjuk . I live with my husband and our 2 children near Osnabrück , in the north of Germany. Sculpt since 2004 and I design with great fascination lifelike baby dolls . Every baby in this world has something special for me. I find them all adorable and unique in their own way ! For me it's always an extraordinary experience , when small baby dolls created in my own hands . Here, I try as unique and individual as possible shape . Many of my hand sculpted babies have already been produced in kit form . I am particularly proud of the new , life-like puppets Miaculti series , which I designed especially for small children's hearts . What is more important than our health? For this reason, both my kits and the puppets are made complete ( the clothing) in Germany . The vinyl is phthalate-free. The softness is deliberately chosen so that health can be excluded. Not only that , free modeling of dolls babies, but also the reborn my own kits , gives me a lot of joy! And also because I put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that neither I ( coloring , etc. ) occur during the manufacturing or the collectors of my dolls with hazardous materials in contact . In the future I would like to model and reborn many different possible Dolls babies. It is a passion that very asks my creativity and I never get bored ! I wish you much joy with my "Lovely Babies" Evelina Wosnjuk